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About Us

Why choose us as your service provider?

Croatian Web Hosting is a venture started by professionals with immense web hosting background experience. We are here to change the conventional support habits which the support industry is currently following with exquisite technological innovations that makes your web hosting management seamless. We listen, we discuss, we advise. Sounds obvious but we listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your business. We then select the best solution to fit. We don't shoehorn projects and if we feel we're not a good fit we'll be honest and tell you from the outset.

What is the difference?

We have well-qualified and highly motivated engineers who have been in the domain of server administration for almost two decades. With this strong technical background, we are committed in providing excellent server support every day, round the clock. We are adept at providing the precise solutions for customers, enabling us to stand ahead of other service providers at a surprisingly affordable price. With our fine tuned and systematic approach to the problems, we ensure cent percent customer satisfaction making you focus on your core business development. Most importantly, we live up to our company name, connecting business with technologies beyond imagination.

What is your benefit?

Server management and technical support is a vast industry. There are many companies around the world providing similar services. However, Croatian Web Hosting stands out amongst the crowds as a company with more to offer our customers and a higher degree of integrity than other support solution providers. With that in mind, we are confident that once you get to know the way of our work, you will choose us as your support partner.

  • Reports & Documentation - We ensure that our customers are provided extensive daily work report, which can be documented for future references.
  • Value for money - We are flexible to meet our customer's requirements and all our plans are affordable too. This makes us succeed in winning the hearts of our valued customers.
  • Ensuring quality service - Quality is our motto. With our custom quality management systems, we monitor each and every Team member to ensure premium quality.

Quality hosting, the key to web presence

Croatian Web Hosting services provides your company with a secure environment along with best-in-class data retention. Our service employs a high degree of automation, improving response times and reducing cost, allowing for faster site changes to meet market needs while also realizing a greater return on investment. Our experts will show you how you can move your company's web hosting services from a capital intensive environment to one that runs as an operating expense, better aligning costs with business requirements.

We further provide our clients with a client portal allowing them to look into the web hosting environment to check on website performance, print vital reports, and request necessary changes. Our content co-deployment tool allows us to remotely test new features in the environment - saving the steady state and deploying enhancements only when they are proven.

Dedicated Servers - Cloud Hosting - VPS Hosting

The Internet has increased the speed of business exponentially; millions of dollars can be made or lost in minutes. Your company needs to ensure its website is secure and reliable. Your online company profile needs to welcome customers in the same way a brick and mortar location would. The Internet's global nature is breaking location barriers of where your company operates. What may have started out as a small, family-oriented business is now shipping orders to Europe while handling inquiries from South America. Croatian Web Hosting services has the experience to help your company seize these opportunities while providing you with the most current and exciting 'storefront' to get a leg up on your competition. With almost 20 years of web hosting knowledge and strong partnerships with industry leaders, we have the answer to your needs.

Latest News

Latest News

September 2021

SSL: Changes to DCV

In compliance with pending policy changes set by the CA Browser (CA/B) Forum, we will make updates to the circumstances under which it can employ file-based Domain Control Validation (DCV). While these updates will have minimal impact on our customers, they will change the process required for domain validation for some types of certificate requests. We will implement its policy updates starting November 15, 2021.

July 2021

High Performance Servers

Can you imagine the Server Cluster with 2+ Terabytes of RAM, 500+ Intel® Xeon™ CPU Cores and 1+ Petabyte Enterprise SSD Storage? Yes, we can. Welcome to the CROWEB.HOST reality! We have implemented new generation of Linux and Windows Virtual Servers (VPS) based on KVM Virtualization Technology with 99.99% uptime guarantee (SLA). Find out more:
Linux Servers | Windows Servers

October 2020

Certifications and Compliance

ISO 9001 - ISO 27001 - ISO 50001
Our security is measured against today’s national and international standards. This allows us to guarantee compliance, to provide our customers with documentation of promised standards, and to ensure credibility through independent auditing. Find out more...

August 2020

398-Day Browser Limit for SSL/TLS Certificates Begins September 1, 2020

As of September 1, 2020, Apple's Safari browser will no longer trust certificates older than 398 days. Last month, we shared the news that Chrome and Firefox will also adopt this shorter certificate lifetime cap. To remain complaint with the browsers, CROWEB.HOST will no longer offer SSL/TLS certificates with a lifetime exceeding 397 days. Find out more...

October 2019

Comodo® CA is now Sectigo

According to the plan of our expansion in the security market, starting from the beginning of March 2017, we are achieved a partnership with one of the most valuable SSL CAs - Comodo®. Buy or Renew Sectigo SSL Certificates starting at 9.59 €/year, Including Instant, Positive, Essential, DV, EV & Wildcard SSL at the lowest price.
Find out more: Sectigo SSL Certificates

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